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Lunch-box Wins

Lunch is often the focal point of the school day for children and a good lunch will help your child to concentrate at school as well as to balance out their energy levels during the day. Here are some ideas to liven up that lunch-box.

Bring a little bit of home to school

When they are new to school or starting a new term, a lunch box can provide a little bit of familiarity to your child in otherwise unfamiliar or daunting surroundings. Give them a few of their favourite things during their first week to make the transition easier. You can even put a little message in to cheer them up, or draw a funny face on their banana to create an ice-breaker at the lunch table!

Heathy school lunch


Re-enforce those healthy eating messages

Children will begin to learn about healthy eating in school. Back up that knowledge by making sure they have all the right types of food in their lunch box and that you include carbs, protein, fruit, veg and dairy.


Get them involved in planning and making their own lunches

Kids are more likely to eat heir lunches if they have helped to make them.


Change it up

Try to give them a variety of things rather than just sandwiches. Use wraps or cucumbers with a filling to create speedy ‘sushi’. Veggies and dips also make a fun lunch or noodle salads. Check out this link for some brilliant lunch-box inspiration….


Invest in a Thermos

These are great for soups, pastas, stews and things which are more filling especially on a cold winters day. They are also a good for filling with leftover dinners (if you can face re-heating things at 7am that is).


Respect the school’s rules about what can and can’t go in

(no crisps except on a Friday?!, OK then)


Give them a treat

Once a week give them something they really enjoy to look forward to or have a world food theme day for fun.


Have a snack ready for when you collect them.

Often they eat pretty early at school especially the younger kids, so they are starving by the time you pick them up. Avoid meltdowns by having some healthy snacks on hand for the journey home. Protein and complex carbs are best for re-fuelling, especially before starting on the homework.

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