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How many times have you heard the words ‘I’m bored’ today? Discover a hassle free, no mess way of banishing the boredom and producing fabulous creative crafts with your children. We know that you are busy folks which is why we have carefully designed all our projects so that you don’t waste valuable time having to gather ideas and materials while your kids are waiting. All the stuff you need to make each project is here in one place. Just download an activity, print it off and get making straight away. The only things you will need are found in most homes… paper, scissors, sellotape or Pritt Stick… and a home (or office) printer. Simple!

No Mess, No Stress

Our pre-prepared projects cut out the hassle, all you have to do is download and enjoy.

Together Time Made Simple

Time is valuable, don’t waste it searching for boredom busting activities. Enjoy some quality time together with your little ones creating one of our fun and engaging craft projects.

Imagine and Play

Once the project is complete, the journey can begin and your child can use their newly created pieces to take them off into imaginary worlds.

Sign up for membership to our club and you will receive access to a fun and exciting craft project every two weeks that will keep your 3-10 year olds busy and happily crafting – without a paint spillage or glitter bomb in sight! All you need to do is print out our pre-prepared activity sheets and follow the simple instructions, or watch our step-through tutorials then enjoy. Our projects have been carefully thought out so we know they will provide maximum fun for you and your kids! You are not tied in and can cancel your membership whenever you choose.


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